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February 17, 2010

Tax – Technical Issues

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Please note, that this post is intended for my colleagues who are tax attorneys.  If you are not a member of the California Bar and would like to submit through this office, please let me know, or else send your comments as indicated below.


Dear Members of the California Tax Procedure and Litigation Committee,

A big thanks to those who have provided the Committee Chair with their comments regarding the following topics requested by the U.S. Tax Court:

  • Innocent Spouse Trial Issues: the Tax Court is interested in whether, among other things, there is anything that could be done better or the status quo ante is acceptable;
  • Levy/CDP Cases: the Tax Court is interested in whether, inter alia, there is anything that could be done better or the status quo ante is acceptable;
  • The Tax Court wants our feedback on its new electronic filing, which is to be effective January 1, 2010: do we like it better than before and whether any attorneys are having any problems getting used to it, if so what are they, and if so, what are some proposed solutions for improvement and easier use (or is the new system perfect?);
  • With respect to litigation and suggestions for improvement by the Tax Court, the Tax Court is interested in any “technical issues and anomalies encountered by attorneys before, during, and after trial” (or if there are none); and,
  • The Tax Court is interested in a discussion of how the Tax Court Rules that have gone in effect in January of this year (e.g., limiting interrogatories to 25) should be implemented and applied in practice (or if these new rules have no need for improvement, etc.).

However, the Committee Chair still needs more comments to make our Committee’s contributions to the U.S. Tax Court meaningful. And the Committee Chair needs them before the end of February. Let’s use this opportunity to help improve our practice before the U.S. Tax Court.

Please send your comments via e-mail to Michael R.E. Sanders, Chair, at

Thank you for your support.


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