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February 16, 2010


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Bankruptcy Planning

Bankruptcy Planning is essential to  any successful bankruptcy.

  • Do you know how the provisions of the  Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005 affect your case?

  • Do you know everything you need to know about all of  the exemptions are in bankruptcy? (California has 2 different (mutually exclusive) sets of exemptions?

  • Do you know which debts can be Discharged and  which debts are non-dischargeable?

  • Do you know how to keep your home, your car  and all of your personal possessions?

  • Do you know how to re-establish your  credit after bankruptcy?

We know the answers to these questions and numerous other questions about bankruptcy. Don’t risk your financial future on a  paralegal, an inexperienced practitioner, or a bankruptcy mill attorney.

Call us now at (888) 951-4441 to get expert personal advice to help you solve your  problems.

People often look for a bankruptcy attorney at the last minute. Many times, I have met someone and later that same day, prepared all of the legal papers needed to save their home from foreclosure, or to stop a levy on their bank accounts.  It is always better to consult with an attorney ahead of time. We can help you keep property that you might lose if you don’t file or make errors in filing for bankruptcy protection. There are many different laws and deadlines to be considered.

We work to solve your problems by showing you how to  use the bankruptcy laws to your advantage.  Call us now for your free consultation.
1-(866) 963-4441

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