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Consumer FDCPA Lawsuits up againt Creditors

It is estimated that 541 different collection agencies and creditors have been named in over 500 consumer statute lawsuits filed nationwide in the first half of June.   These numbers were pulled from data from U.S. District Court complaint dockets.   More consumers are fighting back as credit gets tighter and collection agencies especially buyers of junk debt get more even more aggressive.

Your Credit Reports are Supposed to be Kept Confidential under Fair Credit Reporting Act

Tweet Gregory Navone of Las Vegas and the two mortgage brokerage companies he owned – First Interstate Mortgage Corp. and Nevada One Corp. – were charged in the FTC’s December 2008 complaint with improperly disposing of at least 230 credit reports and other “sensitive consumer records” collected by the firms. Navone did not immediately respond

What Happens to my family if our home is foreclosed on…?

Tweet First, we need to look to federal law.  Sections 701 et, seq. of Public Law 111-22 (Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009) provides limited protection to “bona fide tenants” receive protection from immediate foreclosure if the owner of the residence is foreclosed on.  However, owners, their children, or their parents are not afforded

The Debt Collectors are Scared… The FTC is Investigating

Tweet Do you know what a debt buyer is?  I didn’t until quite a few years ago.  My wife started getting phone calls telling her that she owed money to some company unnamed company.  Sometimes the call was from Illinois, Missouri, Alabama, and sometimes even from outside of the United States.   The collector always said