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March 27, 2010

Tax Crimes in Los Angeles

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NEVER, NEVER, NEVER talk to the Police, or the Government without your attorney present or without a signed notarized GRANT of COMPLETE immunity.  Without this, if the government wants you in jail, you will in all liklihood end up there, or if not face the seemingly insurmountable assets of the government aimed at you.  (By the way, make certain that your attorney reviews the Grant of Immunity… otherwise you may find out that it is not worth the paper it is printed on.)

This is a hard statment to make, and an even more difficult proposition to convince with most people.   Why, because most people are honest and want to be straight and up front with the police or other government officials.  I can’t tell you how often, people insist on handling their own tax audit, or examination with the IRS or Franchise Tax Board or even the City of Los Angeles representative from the Department of Finance. After all, they don’t want to spend money on attorneys unnecessarily, and besides they don’t have anything to hide.

While the above may be true, and you may have nothing to hide, remember you have the absolute right not to be compelled to testify against yourself. (United States Constitution Bill of Rights, Amendment V)

The most common tax crimes filed and prosecuted against people in Los Angeles include tax evasion, willful failure to file return or report,  or to supply requested information.   Other crimes include willful failure to collect or pay over withholding taxes, preparing false tax returns or submitting false tax documents.

It is a crime to make false statements to governmental tax officials (the IRS, FTB, BOE or even the City of Los Angeles Department of Finance.  Further, making false claims, perjury (lying), bribery, aiding and abetting in the preparation of false documents, and failure to file currency transaction reports are all crimes which can subject you to arrest, prosecution and jail.

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